Sunday, July 1, 2007

June - Totem

I decided to make a Bead Journal Project blog instead of using my Deviant Art page. It's too slow to load and is too unwieldy to upload.

It took me all month to make a decision on what to do for the June page and I started 3 different things. The first two were no-go. This last one stuck when I decided not to have a plan and just let it go where it wanted to go.

This is titled Totem. It's pretty small (the beaded portion) but thats what happened when it came to me that it was finished. It only measures about 2 1/2 inches long so it's pretty small.

A few weeks ago a friend read my medicine cards. I know I got eagle and owl and bat but I can't remember what other animals showed up. As I was beading my piece I planned on covering a 4 inch space beaded on the diagonal. But it didn't want to go there. The more I turned it to see what needed to go where, the more I liked the vertical layout of the beads. And then I saw eagle/owl/bat or maybe frog in it. But you've got to get far enough away to imagine the images on it, they are somewhat abstract. :-)

I cut it out of the square I was beading on (because it was on the diagonal) and plan to mount it vertically.

The title Totem came to me last night.

I used peyote, brick, embroidery stitches on this piece. The beaded fabric is faux ultrasuede. And I will mount it on the same fabric. I used a single pearl, a single hematite, a single plastic glowing bead, size 11 and 15 glass beads.

I finished this on the last day of June but as I look at it, mounted on the 4 1/2 inch sq piece of fabric it looks so I am thinking I might add to the fabric. I'm going to leave it alone for now and see if the thoughts of adding more fade.

Also I've had vague ideas of how I will put my journal together but nothing concrete. Today I think I've decided on lining each piece but leaving the toop portion open (but finished) so I can slip a transparency journal page with my notes for each month inside.


KV said...

I like your Totem a lot!

Kathy V in NM

vivage said...

:-) Thanks Kathy V!

freebird said...

I like your totem. Make sure you don't add to the square simply because it seems empty compared to your July page. Who knows, you may end up later in the year with another piece that says it's done before the square is full! And wouldn't a piece like this make a nice brooch?!

vivage said...

Thanks Freebird, yeah, that's one of the reasons I haven't added, I'm letting it talk to me when it decides it will..or not. LOL.

The simplicity of the totem is one of the things I like, but I'm also drawn to more sparklies is more fun!

Yes, it would make a good brooch, and I think it's your blog that made me itch earlier today to do a brooch (or two) between now and my Aug. page.

Sacredartist said...

This is a jewel! I think that it would look great as a barrette if you were incline to make it into one.