Saturday, July 14, 2007

July update - virtually done

I decided this morning not to fully complete each page by sewing it to a backing fabric. Oh, I'll do each page as a beaded piece but I'm thinking I need to see the whole of the piece before I bind the pages.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to stick with beading on the ultrasuede, but will I keep the idea of using different colors/patterns as the backside which will end up being the facing page to the next beaded piece. Or will I use a uniform backside that is a single pattern/color for all pages?

The update on the July piece is that it is 98% done. I think I"m keeping the band at the top because the added beads help balance it out so your eye isn't drawn right up to that band. The only thing I have left to do (besides putting it on a backing fabric) is to reinforce the gold front rim of the cup.

I'll do that today and then add the pictures.

And then start thinking about August page. Wheeeeeeeee.


sammy said...

I read on Judith that you were interested in doing the fingerweaving that Robin teaches... I just ordered the book on how to fingerweave from Robin and let me say it is awesome! Easy instructions, good photo's...

also love your July page!

vivage said...

*thumps herself on the head!* Sheesh, why didn't I think of going to her website and looking to see if the instructions were available in a book!

I think I'm going to have to go order it...thanks for the nudge!

Lois B said...

Dark threads or light threads change the color and feel of the beads you use. I never thought of that, other than using darks with darks, lights with lights. I learn so much from reading blogs! Your page is great. I like all the motion of the beads pouring out, and the way the brown ultrasuede enhances the cup and beads.