Monday, June 2, 2008

Some favorites of mine

I finally added the May photo.  (Another thing I learned is how much I detest downloading pics off our camera and then uploading them all over the place.)  Oh well, I'll get over that, or get my daughter to slow down enough to do it for me.  Go here to see it with it's journal page.  

I was asked which of my pieces were my favorites.  These are my overall favorites, but I found I have different sets for my favorites.  Like I love some for their challenges, others I love because they are emotionally charged for me.  Still others because I love the design or the process of that one was great for me.  Click to see the photos much larger.  

Here are all of them together and the pic is not so good.  It's so long that I can't get close enough with good lighting and focus.  I might (later) go back and do it in pieces.  I got too frustrated over the weekend to mess with it more than I did.  

One of my favorite things was Robyn posting about symbols in her blog  I'd already finished through March or maybe April by the time she posted so it was cool to go back and see what symbols came up for me in my own work.  To see how I subconciously used the symbols even tho I had no idea what they signified.  

Another favorite thing for me was my daily (yes, I lurked daily) visits to the main blog and then following links to others blogs.  Some serious eye candy that really inspired me.  Sometimes the journal entries filled me with emotion, other times I was just plain impressed by the quality, the quanity and the sheer creativity of each blogger.  

I have a lot of favorites, so another was making friends.  I didn't post comments to every entry but I hope that you felt how I felt looking at each persons work.  But the comments I got and that I gave helped me make some friends that I hope I can continue to develop.  There are no beaders in my real life so most people have no idea what fascination I have with little pieces of glass that I string with thread.  The gift of friedship is important in my life so I do cherish each person who reaches out verbally or just by viewing my work.

Ok, this is long and I know I still have posts that are rolling around in my head.  So I might end up posting more to this blog as I work on things between now and Sept.