Sunday, March 16, 2008

March update

Today was a good day for beading, too cold to go anywhere. I'm almost finished with March and once I get this done, I start back in recreating Jan.

It's still lost and Murphys Law will kick in and I'll find it when I'm almost done with the replacement.

It's kind of nice I'm using one color and it's repetitive. I stopped adding color pretty early for me. I'll probably finish it tomorrow, will bead some at lunchtime and TTPTB, I only have to carry one tube of beads and some thread. Carrying lots back and forth gets heavy.

March 18th: It's done and I really like it. I'm not big on orange but yowser it looks fab as he background.


abeadlady said...

Pictures please.


vivage said...

Arline, I so need to get my cord back for my camera. I'm having surgery tomorrow (!) and am hoping to get my hub to go buy one so I can take pics of all my months of stuff while I am off work.

But I'll probably be hobbling for the next couple of days (knee surgery) so it might be a few days.