Saturday, March 29, 2008

January, out of order but completed

I finished my Jan page last night. Lost the original. Arline is probably right it will end up showing up someday.

I'm pretty happy with it. It's title is still being worked, it's all about January being a month where most people think about resolutions. I don't do resolutions but I do give gratitude, thanks and prayers thought every day.

The butterfly represents our thoughts winging it's way out to the universe. Whether you believe in prayer, abundance, wishes, or creating your reality with your thoughts this works. The container contains some beads, and you can write your thoughts down on paper, put it in the container where it will be read by the universe.

I like the texture of the butterfly, the smoothness of the ring that holds the container and the atmospheric look of the blue beads representing air and the wings fluttering.

I'm really thankful that my meniscus surgery was so easy and I'm able to bead so easily since I'm mostly sitting with my leg propped up. A huge difference from last year when I had a right elbow ligament release surgury and couldn't use my fingers, hands or arm because of the surgery and cast on my arm. If you look at my very first piece done in late June (my elbow surgery was April 19, 2007) I was barely able to hold onto the needle & I still couldn't straighten my arm yet. So this surgery is a breeze!

Yay, on to April!


Robin said...

Yes, this butterfly is very compelling... I am allowing my wishes to flow into the bottle right now... wishes and prayers.
Thank you!

Robin A.

vivage said...

And may every wish come true for you. :-)