Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lessons Learned

I've learned alot about myself and beading over the last year, I thought I'd write a "Lessons Learned" post. (Oh, btw, I accidently posted this to the main blog and this was meant for my own blog).

I learned:

I'm a mixture of organization and a method to my madness rather than freeform in my beading. Meaning I don't like messy layouts.

Sometimes I draw out what I want and it changes midstream. That is a good thing even tho it makes me wrack my brains trying to come up with something that conveys what I want it to convey.

I am totally a texture person. Love matte with extra shiny. Do not like flat opaque beads on my work.

I love both contrast in color and monocromatic (although mono is difficult to photograph and see pattern).

I prefer fully beaded pages. My daughter even said to me: "You mean June is a finished piece? OMG, it's so bare!" I had to explain the page was done because I could hardly hold a needle at the time due to my elbow surgery. But she is right, it's so bare compared to the rest of the months.

4 x 4 inch squares take a lot of time for me to bead. I amy go smaller to 3 x 3 inches. Or I may play with fabric with pattern, but right now that confuses my eyes and I can't see the beading as well as I'd like. I want the beading to be the focus and for some reason my eyes focus on the fabric and see the beads as the embellishment.

My pages grew on me over the months. Things I didn't like when I finished them now are much more pleasing to me. Maybe because I know how difficult the piece was for me, maybe because I know that's where I was that particular month. Maybe because I learned something from each difficult piece and love it for that very reason.

Straight backstitch embroidery takes a whole lot less time but bead sizes are more apparent than if you use brick or peyote.

I love the streamlined look of brickstitch, not to mention the puzzle of curves and angles.

I hate following a pattern. I will probably never create someone elses patterned jewelry or fill in the blank item.

The daughter needs the computer so I will finish this post up later.


abeadlady said...

I, too, feel like I have learned a tremendous amount since last year. One thing is to finshed each page completely before starting the next. Having to add the edging and backing on more than one at a time is BORING.
Can't decide if I want a theme for next year or go by month to month. Guess I'll figure it out before September.

KV said...

I wondered why this post disappeared from the BJP blog!

Bead on, Vivage!

Kathy V in NM

vivage said...

Arline, I thought abut a theme but I've decided (at least for today) not to do a theme because it feels too restrictive.

I chafe at restrictions. LOL.

But that is today, maybe tomorrow I'll think I need to overcome that.

vivage said...

Kathy! I know, what a dork I am! And I don't think I caught for like 10 hours.

That's what I get for not realizing my journal name is very similar to the main journal name.


LJ said...

I followed Beadbabe's award link. I love this last piece and think your work is truly original. I find myself nodding agreement with several of your lessons learned. "What I want changes midstream." Ah yes!
Right now pattern on fabric confuses me too, although I'm dying to try it.
I hate following patterns too (and recipes and directions)- and I've never meet a pattern I didn't change almost completely.
Nice to be alerted to your blog!

freebird said...

I imagine with all we've learned this year, we'll learn a whole lot more next year! I am going smaller too but don't know for sure if it will be 3" squares or even smaller. First I have to finish this year!