Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April life of luxury

I've had a lot of dedicated beading time the last 3 days. Not having to go to work, using crutches to get around the house also helps me stay in mostly one place so I am beading like a madwoman. That's one benefit of having knee surgery.

The first day I began beading this piece I drew out my image. The next day I choose the colors (which also seem to be in some flux) and started in on the head. Now I've got the head and body mostly done, am working on the wings and then the tail.

Then the background. Sounds easy!

Off to bead some more and maybe start a new book (the 3rd since my surgery). See? I even have time to read, what a life of luxury!

p.s. Maybe tomorrow I can get all my pieces photographed and can finally publish all my drafts with pictures! That's a good goal.

8:20 p.m. Today I started working on the background of the piece: I want the bird to stand out from the background texturally. I auditioned a couple of different colors: I hated the blue pearly beads as background. So I tried a matte lavender, no that didn't work either. I wanted transparent blue but I only have about 5 grams and no way would it cover. Sooooooooooo, I decided that I'd use gold leaf.

I looked and looked for gold leaf this morning and couldn't find it. Grrrrr. I finally remembered where I last put it, yahooo victory! The gold leaf looks great but it's toooo shiny and overcompensates. I wracked my brain and decided I could use blue ink over the leaf to tone it down and give a skylike appearance. The problem? I don't have any blue ink! I used a gel pen, scribbling over the leaf (carefully) and yahooo, that works. But it tears pretty easily so on Sat I am going to see if I can get a ride to a craft store that carries ink. As soon as I apply it, I'll apply a finish to keep it stable and I'll be done with April! Yay.


abeadlady said...

Can't wait to see the pics.

Are you taking care of yourself? Enjoy the time off while you can.


vivage said...

LOL, I can't wait either. It's actually raining this morning! I guess that goes with the month of April Showers eh? Maybe it will clear up enough later for me to go outside and take pics.

I am taking care of myself, so far haven't lifted a finger to do any housework so I count that as hugely decedant and healing.

abeadlady said...

Is that what I've been doing all these years. Sounds alot better that being lazy, huh?

Have you checked out Monica's blog today? This doll is incredible. It makes me tear up every time I look at her. If she doesn't make the cover of Art Doll Quarterly, there is something seriously wrong with this world.


vivage said...

I did see the doll and drooled over every photo. I can't wait to see it in the magazine. I have faith it will be the cover: it's stunning on every level.

Did you do a square for it?

abeadlady said...

I sure did. I actually sent in 4 squares, so the others will be on the quilt. Many beaders sent in multiple squares for this project.

Take care.

vivage said...

Ohhhh, today I found the parade of squares and I found yours! When I orignally looked at the webpage I only read the entry and looked at the pics there. Beautiful work, great to see. I hope you put your squares up on your blog!

I wish I had the wherewithal to have joined but I found it too late. But I totally enjoy seeing friends from the beady world on the doll. Gives me lots of inspiration.

abeadlady said...

Absolutely love the bird. I liked the explanation of the backround too.


vivage said...

I swear out of all of them this one was the quickest and it looks gorgeous in real life. The gold leaf is very cool and I'm thinking of doing a whole series of pieces that include it.

I forgot to mention that this piece is titled: Bluebird of Happiness.

KV said...

Gosh, I can totally relate to your "time of luxury" due to surgery. Eighteen years ago while recuperating from knee surgery I managed to crochet three afghans, watch several golf tournaments on TV, and change jobs over the phone! It was amazing.

Enjoyed seeing your pages. We are waiting for the wind to stop blowing us away here so I can get photos of all my pages, too.

Keep well,

Kathy V in NM

vivage said...

Kathy, I hope the wind has stopped blowing so you can get your photograpy done.

Having knee surgery has been a blessing in so many ways. The luxury time is the best! I think you might have gotten more done than I'm going to accomplish....but I sure have been able to catch up on a lot of HGTV shows!

Robin said...

This beautiful bird makes me happy no matter what the background is or will be. Birds always do that for me, but this one in particular gives me joy.

I want a link to Monica's doll pictures? Will you either email it to me or put it here? I'll check back. Thanks!

Robin A.

vivage said...

LOL, I have a large yard with lots of mature trees and we have a kajillion birds, all who sing constantly.

Whenever I want a pick me up, I go outside and listen to the birds singing and the bees buzzing.

YEs, I will post the link here and send you an email with the link. http://girl-gone-thread-wild.blogspot.com/2008/04/pink-artist-doll-reveal.html

It's pretty incredible.