Saturday, January 12, 2008

December - yeah a behinder!

Decembers page has been hard. Hard to decide what to do, hard to get to beading with my daughters 16th birthday this month and of course, the big holiday. I finally decided upon a rough idea and that changed before I even got beads to fabric.

I have some of that enviontex resin stuff and thought I'd made some cabs using bottle caps and some of my drawings. I made the cabs, and I'm only happy with the bird one. The others kid of suck so I poured more glitter on them. LOL, when in doubt use more stuff!

Again, I sort of departed from what I've been doing for my personal journal. I haven't done the seasonal monthly theme (such as a Halloween theme in Oct, or fireworks in July) but kept it more about what I've felt or what I have done in each of the months.

This time I did a Christmas theme. Mostly because shopping has kicked my butt! I love these dark blue bugles and really wanted to use the silver beads as stars. Soooo, a holiday tree sort of evolved.

I'm ambivalent about the piece. I like the texture against the straight rows...I still fight the symmetry thing. grrrrr.


Cindy said...

The Xmas lights are wonderful! Again a gorgeous piece!

vivage said...

LOL, thanks, ya know, the Xmas lights are my favorite part of this one.

Robin said...

The circles represent wholeness, and you have three of them making up your "tree"... do you find any meaning in that... Sometimes we set about to do a holiday (as you haven't previously), and still our personal stuff gets in there (as I think it has here). The lights are so totally wonderful... And it's so interesting that they are under the tree, under the circles... I could look at this piece for many hours. Love your bird drawing.

Robin A.

vivage said...

After you posted your post about symbols I went back and looked at all my pieces and yes, found a lot of meaning in almost all of my pieces.

I liken the lights to illuminating upwards, grounding the circles. I also feel the 3 circles are the three stages of my life so far: Child, woman and now that I am a little older, hag.

Hélène H said...

I love it, it' has a wonderful Christmas feeling, with the lights and the lovely bird. Also I like how you used mixed media and tehcniques.

vivage said...

Hélène, I am trying to incorporate more mixed media. It calls to me. Although sometimes I just can't find the *right* thing, but it's a fun search.